Cleaning house

This March we at Santangelo’s have started to spring clean our retail shelves to make room for new product lines this upcoming season. This has reminded me how important it is for clients to be educated on their product purchases before they leave the salon.

The most common problem we hear from clients is they can not duplicate their style at home. If we had a quarter for every time we heard “It never looks the same when I do it” or “It won’t look like this until I see you again in six weeks”, we would be on an island somewhere drinking from a coconut.

This problem is caused, in part, because clients are using the wrong product on their hair. A client with fine hair is never going to get volume if she is using a wet heavy gel to try to blow it out. That is why it is so important that we as stylists make sure you know what products we are using to achieve those “impossible” looks and why. The Why is key. Most clients don’t realize that salon products are only guaranteed when sold by a professional, in a professional salon.

There are two (maybe more) very good reasons for this. The first is the aforementioned using the right product designed for your specific hair texture and condition to achieve the specific look you desire. Salon only product companies, i.e. Aquage, Wella, Paul Mitchell, Redken etc etc. educate salons and stylists on their products so we are equipped with all the knowledge we need to make the right, educated selection just for you and your hair needs. These companies can not “guarantee” a product if it’s being misused by a client. This is why they say right on the bottles, “Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser”

The second reason professional hair product companies only guarantee their products when sold in salons is due to what we in the industry call “The Grey Market”. Sounds made up right? I mean, the thought that the professional products you see on the shelves at the drug and grocery stores are obtained by some third-party seller that is unloading them because they have gone bad and or have been tampered with is absurd. Unfortunately, as ridiculous as that sounds, it is true.

Check out an article written by Nisha for, outlining The Grey Market and how to spot fake products at non-salon retailers.

With that being said, be sure to ask your stylist about the products you are currently using on your hair to ensure that they are not only right for you, but safe to use and not expired or tampered with.


Holiday Hair How-to

No time to see your stylist before a big Holiday event? No worries, Holiday hair styles don’t need to be fussy or hard to do. Follow these steps to recreate the style shown here.

 1) Prep hair with a root lifter and tease or backcomb at the crown for extra lift

 2) Part hair where desired and secure into a low pony just above the the nap of your neck

 3) Take a section of hair from the ponytail and attach a bobby pin half way down the hair shaft

 4) Next, with the bobby pin already attached to your section of hair, secure to the base of your pony

 5) Repeat this step with remaining sections of your ponytail

This style is easy because you don’t need to be precise and you can customize based on the length of your hair and personal style.Image

Holiday Hussle

Holiday Hussle

The Holiday count down is well underway. It started sometime back in October when Christmas decorations and gift wrapping started popping up on store shelves. However, if you are anything like us, you are just jumping in on the count down now. Shopping, parties, decorating, family gatherings, religious observances, baking and more shopping. The season is full of promise and excitement, which will inevitably bring on stress. No worries, one way to help alleviate the strung out state that the season’s whirlwind has left you in, is to remember to take a little time out for yourself.
So, after you have checked everyone off your shopping list, your home smells of sugar cookies and your neighbors are jealous of your perfectly strung twinkle lights, don’t forget to come get your hair done. Fresh color, a relaxing Tea Tree experience and the perfect blowout is a great way to complete your Holiday to-do list. It will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle those family gatherings, that will most likely stress you out all over again. You better stop in again after it’s all over.

Winter Hair Survival.

For those of you who follow our Facebook page you already know that this week is Winter Hair survival week. So far we have covered two very important steps you can take to combat dry, dull and static plagued winter hair. For those of you who missed it the first two steps are hydration and thermal protection. So now that everyone is caught up let’s elaborate on these steps.

Keeping your hair hydrated during the winter months is important not only to avoid brittle ends but it also helps reduce static and fight against hat head. What’s the best way to stay hydrated? Use intensive daily conditioner and deep condition at least once a week(maybe more depending on the condition of your hair).
There are a lot of daily conditioners and deep conditioners at the salon to choose from and you want to make sure what you use fits your specific needs. That is why you should always ask your stylist first before making a purchase.

Cutting down on the heat styling during the winter will also greatly reduce your chances of getting dry split ends. As said before, avoiding the blow dryer is best but if you must always use a heat protecting product. Same goes when heat styling with any kind of iron or hot roller. A thermal spray helps set your style while guarding against damage. Many protectants  contain keratin or fortifying proteins that protect the hair’s outer layer as well as protecting the cuticle from excess moisture loss, drying and thermal damage.

Now that you have the basics to winter hair care under your belt we hope you enjoy a season filled with happy holidays and healthy hair.winter_hair_care_tips1

Santangelo’s gets a internet make-over.

ImageHey there everyone, Allison for Santangelo’s salon here. I know its been a long time since our blog page has been up and current but we are back and better than ever. All across the web we have made a effort to step up our game and bring you information that is both entertaining and educational. From our Facebook page to our Instagram account our look has been updated and our highly trained stylists are on a mission to bring you the most current and up to date information on trends,hair care and any other beauty related topics. Soon our website will also be getting re-vamped making it easier for you to stay connected. So with that being said we look forward to servicing you not only in our chairs but at home as well.

Who’s Helping You?

Back in June, I did a post about customer service and yesterday I was reminded of just how important it truly is.  When you start working with a representative from a company it can be tough to continue the relationship if your contact is on vacation, out of the office for an extended period of time or leaves the company.  When considering a hair replacement solution, it is a very personal topic and many times, the clients I consult with become comfortable speaking with me and only me about their hair loss.  So what happens now as I am currently out of the office for an extended period of time?

Vicki, the salon’s General Manager has taken over my role!  Before my leave began, she was integrated into my daily communications with our current hair restoration clients and potential clients considering a hair loss solution.  She was given access to all my notes and was able to step in and pick up right where I left off.

Now you may be saying to yourself, “well isn’t that what should happen in someone’s absence?” and your absolutely right, it is, however, in some businesses, especially larger companies, that’s not always the case.  I was communicating with a large company on a customer service matter for quite some time.  Yesterday, I called the person I had been speaking with to find out they were on vacation.  From there, I was bounced around from representative to representative trying to find someone who could help me while my contact was out.  No one had any information on my situation.  As a consumer, it was very frustrating  and what had been a positive customer service experience quickly turned in to a not so positive one.

So this interaction caused me to reflect on Santangelo’s and made me appreciate the fact that we do things differently.  Our customers are always at the top of our mind and we make sure that our hair restoration clients are well taken care of regardless of who is in the office!  We know hair loss is a sensitive subject for most men and women dealing with it and customer service is key in easing someone’s anxiety about pursuing a hair replacement solution…and that’s the Santangelo’s difference!

Did you catch Reallusions on The Balancing Act?

As I mentioned in our last post, Reallusions, a line of premiere female hair loss solutions available only at Santangelo’s in Western New York, was featured in a recent episode of The Balancing Act, a new show on Lifetime Network.  In case you missed it, here is a link to our segment.

The segment couldn’t have come out better!  It chronicles four women, all with different needs, going through the consultation process with Transitions Representative and Hair Replacement Specialist, Darlene.  Two of the four women did not need hair loss solutions for typical female hair loss.  One was suffering from over processed hair and Darlene recommended Laser Hair Therapy as a means of repairing her hair and returning it to it’s original state.  The second woman had very thick hair and Darlene recommended a smoothing treatment while adding a few hair extensions to fill out some areas she had concerns with.

The last two women suffered from more traditional forms of hair loss.  They had circumstances similar to many of the women I see in Santangelo’s consultation office.  These ladies were looking for a solution that would hide top of the head female hair loss.  In both cases, Darlene spoke with the women about their options and made recommendations to find the right solutions for them.

If you are considering a hair loss solution or have concerns about your hair, even if it’s not hair loss related, watch this segment!  The Reallusions line may have a solution to help.  Be sure to tune in to The Balancing Act on August 13 when you’ll be able to see the “big reveal” and watch how everything that is discussed in the consultation process comes to life.

Questions about something from the segment?  Leave them here or schedule a free consultation for more details.

Reallusions on The Balancing Act

A Santangelo’s product to be featured on national TV!

Reallusions, the hair system line offered exclusively at Santangelo’s in Western New York, is going to be featured on The Balancing Act, a new show airing on Lifetime Television.  The Balacing Act features 4 women dealing with life’s trials and tribulations and some are facing hair loss.  The show chronicles them going through the consultation process, determining which hair loss solution is right for them and then the grand finale will feature their reveal!

If you’ve been considering a non-surgical hair replacement option such as Reallusions, ,but you’ve been nervous or scared to take the leap, this show will be a great opportunity for you to see first hand what you can expect as you go through the process.

The Balancing Act airs every morning at 7:00 a.m. on Lifetime Television.  On Monday, July 30th, be sure to tune in as this is the interview and consultation segment that features the ladies beginning the hair replacement process.  Then mark your calendar again for the big reveal on Monday, August 13th.

I’d love to hear from you about the show, so please feel free to call me at 716.681.7120 or email me at with your feedback! – Jennifer Calero

In the mean time, take a look at our photo gallery and get an idea of what Reallusions can do for you!

What makes Santangelo’s different?

As with any major purchase in life, the clients that I meet with often do their “homework” before coming to see me.   They almost always do research online and sometimes, they get consultations from other hair replacement companies.  I often get asked the question, “what makes Santangelo’s different from Hair Replacement Company X?” so I thought our blog would be a good place to answer that question!

There are several things that make Santangelo’s different, the first and most important, is our comittment to customer service.  We aren’t a huge corporation that has written procedures for handling customer concerns.  We work with our clients on a case by case basis to insure that they get a solution that fits THEM and THEIR NEEDS, not just follows a policy.

Second is our staff and the way our company is structured.  Our staff is second to none.  They like what they do and it shows.  We provide regular training to keep them up to date on the latest trends in the industry and we encourage them to grow as professionals by learning new techniques and services.  As a result, we have low turnover rates so we won’t be seeing someone new every time you come in.  One of our Technicians has been with us for over 15 years!  That is unheard of in this industry!

Given that our company is locally owned and operated, our owner has some skin in the game.  He wants to make sure we are all doing what we can to keep Santangelo’s reputation positive in the community and to retain every client that we work with.  To do this, he hired a General Manager to oversee the non-surgical side of hair replacement as well as our salon and spa and then there is also myself, the Hair Replacement Consultant, that walks you through the process of choosing a solution.  By having two people specifically devoted to these functions, we are able to insure that a certain level of quality is maintained.

If you choose a hair transplant surgery with us, you’ll really see a difference!  Unlike our competitors, we bring the Doctor to the patient.  A Consultant is with you throughout the entire process, including the day of the procedure.  You get the Consultant AND the Doctor’s cell phone number to leave with in case you have any questions or concerns after hours, which again, is practically unheard of!  When you do a surgical hair transplant with Santangelo’s and Dr. Agnesi, you truly get personalized care and a personalized hair loss solution.

There you have it, the Santangelo’s difference spelled out in black and white.  Non-surgical and surgical hair restoration are competitive industries.  In order to survive, you have to be a step above your competitors and at Santangelo’s we do that by providing exceptional customer care!

Is it time yet?

In the last month, I’ve had several clients who have decided it’s time to pursue a hair loss solution after talking with them about their options for over a year!  So why now?  What changed? What made them decide it was time?

Sometimes the client thinks “it’s not that bad” and they put it off until they see a picture of themselves or they look in the mirror one day and realize their hair loss is progressing.  Sometimes it’s financial, clients have to wait until they can afford the hair loss solution they want.  Other times it’s just plain fear, they are nervous to commit to a change and/or they are also afraid of what others may say.

Regardless of what is holding you back, I always advise clients to do what is going to make them happy when they look in the mirror.  If you look in the mirror and your hair looks great, then chances are we will never meet but if you notice your hair is changing, maybe thinning a bit and you make the effort to come in and have a free consultation, you are concerned about what the future holds for you hair.  If you weren’t you wouldn’t invest the time in learning your options.

It’s ok if you’re not ready to act immediately.  It’s  good to do your homework and learn about your different options.  It’s also fine to take some time to prepare for the comittment whether it be financially, mentally, socially or all of the above.

Regardless of what is holding YOU back, always remember that deciding what to do about your hair is a BIG decision, but doing nothing at all is an even bigger decision.  You are making the decision to leave your appearance as it is. Although doing nothing about your hair loss might seem like the easiest option, quite the opposite is true. How you see yourself in the mirror will be with you continually.