Winter Hair Survival.

For those of you who follow our Facebook page you already know that this week is Winter Hair survival week. So far we have covered two very important steps you can take to combat dry, dull and static plagued winter hair. For those of you who missed it the first two steps are hydration and thermal protection. So now that everyone is caught up let’s elaborate on these steps.

Keeping your hair hydrated during the winter months is important not only to avoid brittle ends but it also helps reduce static and fight against hat head. What’s the best way to stay hydrated? Use intensive daily conditioner and deep condition at least once a week(maybe more depending on the condition of your hair).
There are a lot of daily conditioners and deep conditioners at the salon to choose from and you want to make sure what you use fits your specific needs. That is why you should always ask your stylist first before making a purchase.

Cutting down on the heat styling during the winter will also greatly reduce your chances of getting dry split ends. As said before, avoiding the blow dryer is best but if you must always use a heat protecting product. Same goes when heat styling with any kind of iron or hot roller. A thermal spray helps set your style while guarding against damage. Many protectants  contain keratin or fortifying proteins that protect the hair’s outer layer as well as protecting the cuticle from excess moisture loss, drying and thermal damage.

Now that you have the basics to winter hair care under your belt we hope you enjoy a season filled with happy holidays and healthy hair.winter_hair_care_tips1

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