Cleaning house

This March we at Santangelo’s have started to spring clean our retail shelves to make room for new product lines this upcoming season. This has reminded me how important it is for clients to be educated on their product purchases before they leave the salon.

The most common problem we hear from clients is they can not duplicate their style at home. If we had a quarter for every time we heard “It never looks the same when I do it” or “It won’t look like this until I see you again in six weeks”, we would be on an island somewhere drinking from a coconut.

This problem is caused, in part, because clients are using the wrong product on their hair. A client with fine hair is never going to get volume if she is using a wet heavy gel to try to blow it out. That is why it is so important that we as stylists make sure you know what products we are using to achieve those “impossible” looks and why. The Why is key. Most clients don’t realize that salon products are only guaranteed when sold by a professional, in a professional salon.

There are two (maybe more) very good reasons for this. The first is the aforementioned using the right product designed for your specific hair texture and condition to achieve the specific look you desire. Salon only product companies, i.e. Aquage, Wella, Paul Mitchell, Redken etc etc. educate salons and stylists on their products so we are equipped with all the knowledge we need to make the right, educated selection just for you and your hair needs. These companies can not “guarantee” a product if it’s being misused by a client. This is why they say right on the bottles, “Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser”

The second reason professional hair product companies only guarantee their products when sold in salons is due to what we in the industry call “The Grey Market”. Sounds made up right? I mean, the thought that the professional products you see on the shelves at the drug and grocery stores are obtained by some third-party seller that is unloading them because they have gone bad and or have been tampered with is absurd. Unfortunately, as ridiculous as that sounds, it is true.

Check out an article written by Nisha for, outlining The Grey Market and how to spot fake products at non-salon retailers.

With that being said, be sure to ask your stylist about the products you are currently using on your hair to ensure that they are not only right for you, but safe to use and not expired or tampered with.

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