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Cleaning house

This March we at Santangelo’s have started to spring clean our retail shelves to make room for new product lines this upcoming season. This has reminded me how important it is for clients to be educated on their product purchases before they leave the salon.

The most common problem we hear from clients is they can not duplicate their style at home. If we had a quarter for every time we heard “It never looks the same when I do it” or “It won’t look like this until I see you again in six weeks”, we would be on an island somewhere drinking from a coconut.

This problem is caused, in part, because clients are using the wrong product on their hair. A client with fine hair is never going to get volume if she is using a wet heavy gel to try to blow it out. That is why it is so important that we as stylists make sure you know what products we are using to achieve those “impossible” looks and why. The Why is key. Most clients don’t realize that salon products are only guaranteed when sold by a professional, in a professional salon.

There are two (maybe more) very good reasons for this. The first is the aforementioned using the right product designed for your specific hair texture and condition to achieve the specific look you desire. Salon only product companies, i.e. Aquage, Wella, Paul Mitchell, Redken etc etc. educate salons and stylists on their products so we are equipped with all the knowledge we need to make the right, educated selection just for you and your hair needs. These companies can not “guarantee” a product if it’s being misused by a client. This is why they say right on the bottles, “Guaranteed only when sold by a professional hairdresser”

The second reason professional hair product companies only guarantee their products when sold in salons is due to what we in the industry call “The Grey Market”. Sounds made up right? I mean, the thought that the professional products you see on the shelves at the drug and grocery stores are obtained by some third-party seller that is unloading them because they have gone bad and or have been tampered with is absurd. Unfortunately, as ridiculous as that sounds, it is true.

Check out an article written by Nisha for, outlining The Grey Market and how to spot fake products at non-salon retailers.

With that being said, be sure to ask your stylist about the products you are currently using on your hair to ensure that they are not only right for you, but safe to use and not expired or tampered with.

Holiday Hair How-to

No time to see your stylist before a big Holiday event? No worries, Holiday hair styles don’t need to be fussy or hard to do. Follow these steps to recreate the style shown here.

 1) Prep hair with a root lifter and tease or backcomb at the crown for extra lift

 2) Part hair where desired and secure into a low pony just above the the nap of your neck

 3) Take a section of hair from the ponytail and attach a bobby pin half way down the hair shaft

 4) Next, with the bobby pin already attached to your section of hair, secure to the base of your pony

 5) Repeat this step with remaining sections of your ponytail

This style is easy because you don’t need to be precise and you can customize based on the length of your hair and personal style.Image

Holiday Hussle

Holiday Hussle

The Holiday count down is well underway. It started sometime back in October when Christmas decorations and gift wrapping started popping up on store shelves. However, if you are anything like us, you are just jumping in on the count down now. Shopping, parties, decorating, family gatherings, religious observances, baking and more shopping. The season is full of promise and excitement, which will inevitably bring on stress. No worries, one way to help alleviate the strung out state that the season’s whirlwind has left you in, is to remember to take a little time out for yourself.
So, after you have checked everyone off your shopping list, your home smells of sugar cookies and your neighbors are jealous of your perfectly strung twinkle lights, don’t forget to come get your hair done. Fresh color, a relaxing Tea Tree experience and the perfect blowout is a great way to complete your Holiday to-do list. It will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle those family gatherings, that will most likely stress you out all over again. You better stop in again after it’s all over.

Winter Hair Survival.

For those of you who follow our Facebook page you already know that this week is Winter Hair survival week. So far we have covered two very important steps you can take to combat dry, dull and static plagued winter hair. For those of you who missed it the first two steps are hydration and thermal protection. So now that everyone is caught up let’s elaborate on these steps.

Keeping your hair hydrated during the winter months is important not only to avoid brittle ends but it also helps reduce static and fight against hat head. What’s the best way to stay hydrated? Use intensive daily conditioner and deep condition at least once a week(maybe more depending on the condition of your hair).
There are a lot of daily conditioners and deep conditioners at the salon to choose from and you want to make sure what you use fits your specific needs. That is why you should always ask your stylist first before making a purchase.

Cutting down on the heat styling during the winter will also greatly reduce your chances of getting dry split ends. As said before, avoiding the blow dryer is best but if you must always use a heat protecting product. Same goes when heat styling with any kind of iron or hot roller. A thermal spray helps set your style while guarding against damage. Many protectants  contain keratin or fortifying proteins that protect the hair’s outer layer as well as protecting the cuticle from excess moisture loss, drying and thermal damage.

Now that you have the basics to winter hair care under your belt we hope you enjoy a season filled with happy holidays and healthy hair.winter_hair_care_tips1

Santangelo’s gets a internet make-over.

ImageHey there everyone, Allison for Santangelo’s salon here. I know its been a long time since our blog page has been up and current but we are back and better than ever. All across the web we have made a effort to step up our game and bring you information that is both entertaining and educational. From our Facebook page to our Instagram account our look has been updated and our highly trained stylists are on a mission to bring you the most current and up to date information on trends,hair care and any other beauty related topics. Soon our website will also be getting re-vamped making it easier for you to stay connected. So with that being said we look forward to servicing you not only in our chairs but at home as well.

Is it time yet?

In the last month, I’ve had several clients who have decided it’s time to pursue a hair loss solution after talking with them about their options for over a year!  So why now?  What changed? What made them decide it was time?

Sometimes the client thinks “it’s not that bad” and they put it off until they see a picture of themselves or they look in the mirror one day and realize their hair loss is progressing.  Sometimes it’s financial, clients have to wait until they can afford the hair loss solution they want.  Other times it’s just plain fear, they are nervous to commit to a change and/or they are also afraid of what others may say.

Regardless of what is holding you back, I always advise clients to do what is going to make them happy when they look in the mirror.  If you look in the mirror and your hair looks great, then chances are we will never meet but if you notice your hair is changing, maybe thinning a bit and you make the effort to come in and have a free consultation, you are concerned about what the future holds for you hair.  If you weren’t you wouldn’t invest the time in learning your options.

It’s ok if you’re not ready to act immediately.  It’s  good to do your homework and learn about your different options.  It’s also fine to take some time to prepare for the comittment whether it be financially, mentally, socially or all of the above.

Regardless of what is holding YOU back, always remember that deciding what to do about your hair is a BIG decision, but doing nothing at all is an even bigger decision.  You are making the decision to leave your appearance as it is. Although doing nothing about your hair loss might seem like the easiest option, quite the opposite is true. How you see yourself in the mirror will be with you continually.

Patience Pays Off

Male Client 9 - 21 Months of Laser Hair Therapy Treatments

For almost two years, this client has faithfully attended Laser Hair Therapy visits and taken every recommendation we’ve made to him.  The outcome…more hair!  When this client first came in for his consultation, he was wearing his hair very short, almost completely buzzed because it was thin and there was nothing else he could do with it plus the thinning was more noticeable when it was long.

He started out doing a one year Laser program in the salon, then after his first year, he purchased an iGrow unit and began using it at home in conjunction with the dhtSensor products.  At about 18 months of total use, he also started taking Finastiride prescribed to him by our Surgical Hair Restoration Expert, Dr. Agnesi.  The photos on the bottom right represent his progress between 18 and 21 months of use.

ImageRestoring your own natural hair is possible, you just have to be patient and remain consistent with your treatments.  What’s next for this client?  He’s going to continue using the iGrow laser and the dhtSensor products indefinitely.  He also plans to continue taking Finastiride.  If he can’t restore a full head of hair using these methods, he has considered doing a small hair transplant to complete his transformation.  Because of the progress he’s achieved with the laser, if he does decide to do a hair transplant, the procedure will be much smaller and much less expensive.  Patience paid off for this client!

Client Success Story: New Body + New Hair = New Life

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Catherine S. is proof that when you are not happy with your appearance and you make the commitment to change it, amazing things can happen!  I want to share Catherine’s story with you because I think she will be an inspiration for anyone considering hair replacement or for that matter, anyone that is not happy with what they see in the mirror.

Her journey to a change began in 2003 when she was in college studying to be a Veterinary Technician.  She was stressed, not exercising and not eating properly.  She started gaining weight and noticed that it was having a negative impact on her body.  After joining a weight loss program she lost 70lbs but over the course of a few years, and several other attempts to keep the weight off, it eventually crept back on.

In 2008 she decided to do something more aggressive. Several years before, one of her family members had a successful gastric bypass surgery and Catherine began considering the option for herself.  With a team of Doctors leading the way she began the process of  preparing herself for the changes her body would go through.  Her Doctor also explained that hair loss and thinning hair could be a potential side effect of this procedure, but she felt the benefits outweighed the potential costs and in May 2009 she had the procedure.

Just a few months after she was starting to feel good.  Her body was changing and she was happy with her decision but she also noticed her hair had started thinning.  The front and the crown started to get so sparce she considered purchasing a wig or wearing a bandana 24-7…until she came across Santangelo’s website!

Catherine came into my office and wanted to know her options.  We talked about Hair for Life and how wearing a hair system could really change the way her hair looked.  She decided on the spot that she wanted to get started and a few months later, she came in for her first delivery and left with a full head of hair.  Here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“I felt comfortable at my consultation discussing my hair loss and my expectations.  The consult was very professional and I was very happy with my options, the pricing and payment options. I have been very happy with the whole hair system process.  The hair stylists have been great.  I enjoy the process and also the fact that the system can be cut, colored and styled any way that I want it!…All in all I have a happy ending…I have achieved and stayed at my goal weight (I lost a total of 115lbs) for 2 years, I have great hair thanks to Santangelos, and I am busy planning my wedding!”

Now in 2012, Catherine has a new life.  She has the body she’s always wanted, the hair to match and she’s found someone special to share her life with.  Congratulations Catherine on committing to change, achieving your goals and on your upcoming wedding, we can’t wait to do your hair!

Myths About Hair Loss

When someone is dealing with hair loss, they often search for ways to make sense of it.  They want a reason as to why this is happening to them.  I’ve found that some clients find comfort in associating their situation with the common myths that have been passed down from generation to generation about hair loss.  During my consultations with prospective new clients I often hear things like “well my Mom’s family lost their hair,” or “I wear hats alot,” or even “I shampoo my hair every day.”

The truth is,  these statements are all myths out there about hair loss.  According to the American Hair Loss Association androgenetic alopecia, more commonly known as male or female pattern baldness, is the most common cause of hair loss and is inherited through genetics from either side of someone’s family, not just the Mother’s, another common myth about hair loss.

Hair loss can be caused by many other things such as the environment, a medical condition, even nutrition so before you blame hat wearing for your hair loss, it’s best to speak to a medical professional and get some real answers!

Here are a few useful links to help you understand hair loss and to learn whats a myth and what’s not.


Santangelo’s Offers Buffalo’s First Hair Loss Support Group

This week, Santangelo’s held the first meeting of our new hair loss support group.  It’s the first support group of its kind in the Buffalo market and we were excited to get it off the ground.  We thought it was important to provide a forum for our current clients and the general public to sit down with a professional and discuss how hair loss is impacting them.  What many people don’t realize is hair loss greatly impacts people’s lives.  It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too.

Everyday I have new, potential clients come in to my office worried about their hair loss.  Some make jokes about it, others cry, and some are so embarrassed they can barely talk about it.  I’ve had clients tell me they aren’t participating in social events, family gatherings or even going to church anymore because they are so embarrassed by the way they look.  You don’t have to be a medical professional to know that making these types of changes to your life because of hair loss will take a toll over time. 

One area our support group will touch upon is confidence and what happens to a person’s confidence level when they don’t feel good about the way they look.  Your confidence level can impact your intimate relationships, your friendships, even your career!  

After the meeting I got an email from one of the attendees, she said and I quote ” we had a wonderful 1st meeting and I can’t wait for the next one.  It was so nice meeting other people going through the same things as I am.  I think this is really going to help us.”

I couldn’t have asked for anything better!  For more information about the support visit