Jennifer Calero, Hair Replacement Consultant
Jennifer Calero, Hair Replacement Consultant

Welcome! My name is Jennifer and I am a Hair Replacement Consultant for Santangelo Salon, Spa & Hair Replacement Clinic.

This blog is written from my perspective as a Hair Replacement Consultant and I created it to have a place where I could further educate someone experiencing hair loss and considering a solution by sharing information with them that I gather from my daily interactions with potential clients, clients and others in the industry.

I meet with hundreds of people a year that are all dealing with the same problem…hair loss.  Sometimes it’s genetic, sometimes it’s medical but no matter what the cause hair loss has the same affect on people.  It bothers them, it robs them of their self confidence and ultimately impacts the way they approach everyday situations that someone with a full head of hair may not think twice about.

Santangelo Salon, Spa & Clinic has been helping Western New Yorkers fight hair loss for over 40 years!  We are Buffalo’s best, full service hair replacement studio offering all the major solutions on the market including non-surgical hair loss solutions, surgical hair transplants, Laser Hair Therapy and a full line of extensions.  We help our clients make everyday a good hair day.

For more information visit our website at www.santangelohair.com.


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