The Internet: Your Most Trusted Resource or Your Worst Nightmare?

When I begin a hair loss consultation, I always start by asking the client to give me some information about what they have noticed with their hair and I try to learn more about what may be causing their hair loss.  When we start to talk about what may be causing their hair loss I always ask clients if they have seen a Doctor.  With the explosion of the Internet and the resources it has to offer, I find it becoming more and more common for consumers to turn to the Internet to self diagnose their problem. 

The Internet can be a very valuable tool for researching and educating yourself but it shouldn’t be your primary resource for establishing a diagnosis.  Hair loss can be caused by a number of things so it is important that if you start  to notice your hair thinning, you should  mention it to your Doctor so he/she can make sure there are no other health related factors that are causing your hair to come out. 

When it comes to hair loss solutions, like a surgical hair transplant, Laser Hair Therapy or other non-surgical hair replacement options, consumers are also taking more time to research their options online before committing to a treatment plan.  It is great to work with a knowledgable client, they are usually my easiest consultations because they have an idea of what they want before they even walk through the door. 

On the other hand, they can also be my most challenging.  When a client reads something online about a hair loss solution that makes them nervous or “turns them off” to a particular option, they are limiting what we can do to help them.  It’s important to keep in mind that many things you read in blogs or on social media sites are typically people’s opinions or perceptions.  Someone else’s perception or experience may be totally different from what you’d experience.  To find a  solution that best meets YOUR individual needs, approach hair loss solutions with an open mind because what you read online may lead to the perfect solution or turn you away from one that could change your life!

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